Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vintage Market, Here We Come!

Saturday, June 28th at Salem Community Field

handpainted signs on re-purposed wood

wedding jewelry

beach-inspired jewelry

embellished gift boxes

orphan bead talisman/prayer pendant

orphan detail (no two alike)

wedding bling

seafoam wedding collection

original watercolor greeting cards



Sunday, May 25, 2014


Celebrate the season with sea, sun and sky inspired adornments:
'Washed Ashore' bracelet
turquoise, amethyst, fluorite chunks,
brass charms. 8.5" Made to order.
"Beachstones" Orphan bead pendant. No two exactly the same. Shown:
Amazonite, freshwater pearls, chalcedony, agate, turquoise, coral.
30"; $85.00 + up. Made to order.
'Sea Wish' bracelet
Turquoise nuggets, smoky quartz focal,
sterling silver clasp. 8.5"  Made to order. $48.00

'Island Gypsy'
barefoot sandal
assorted silver beads, turquoise &
crystal fringe. $36 single; $48.00 the pair.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cottage Couture: Bring Your Own Weather

Create some sunshine by adding some inspiration into your favorite space.
I hand-letter noted quotes, wisdom, or
your own words on re-purposed wood, driftwood and beach stones.
Available at Annie Mame by Ann Nyberg,
Copper & Birch, The French Hen or
Contact me @
Live what you Love!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wedding Belles

Thank you to Kristin @ Happily Ever After for her tirelessefforts and a successful 'Bridal Champagne Lounge' at the Lyme ArtAssociation... and to Ann Nyberg
for her inexhaustible support as always
Kitt Shapiro, daughter of legend Eartha Kitt passing the message 
Susan Dumas' Giving Tree
Local Star Make-up Artist
bridal bouquets by Kristin
and ...... Ann Nyberg 24-7!!